Cracks in wall. Note the skew doorframe due to sagging

Digging new foundations after the dpc test by engineer.

We had to do this home over after the walls on the inside started to show severe cracks.  The whole of the inside of most of the house had to be excavated in order to lay new foundations.   We had to get the engineer out to do soil test in order to see where the problem was.  Air pockets in the ground was found to be the main culprit.  It also caused the walls to subside.  Due to the damage the whole inside of most of the house had to be redone, including bathroom, ceilings, walls and kitchen.  New walls were built and all electrical wiring had to be redone.    

This home was also extended with a new braairoom and foyer.   


New foundations

The finished product. Bigger, better and crack free!



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